Visegrad Film Forum 2015 will host special lecture from three time Academy Award winner

Visegrad Film Forum (VFF) is a networking event focused mainly on film students. It takes place in Bratislava, Slovakia. It provides opportunity for young filmmakers to show their work to an international audience, to communicate and share their experiences with renowned film professionals and among themselves.

VFF is divided into several sections, including screenings of student films, master classes with renowned experts and case studies of interesting film projects. Invited speakers have decades of experience in making, financing and promoting films. Last year, among others, Allan Starski, Academy Award winner for Spielberg's Schindler's List and Christian Berger, Michael Haneke's long-time DOP gave talks at VFF.

Christopher Newman is a respected American sound mixer. He won Academy Awards for The Exorcist (1973), Amadeus (1984), and The English Patient (1996). He also received eight BAFTA Awards nominations and he won the award two times. He currently teaches sound production at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

During his long career he worked with different types of sound recording and mixing: „Always be thinking. Always be conceptualizing. Trust no one myself included. Assume nothing. Double check the equipment endlessly. Always have fresh batteries as well as fresh underwear,” says Newman. 

He received his first Academy Award for the Exorcist in 1973. In order to find the perfect „demon voice“  for  the possessed child Regan, he began working on the film with audio expert Ken Nordine six months before the shooting itself.  After millions of hours of trying,  director William Friedkin himself found his „demon voice“ – it belongs to Mercedes McCambridge, radio and film actress.

In 2013, Cinema Audio Society honored Christopher Newman with its highest accolade Career Achievement Award at the 49th Annual CAS Awards. 

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