Summer film festival "Nights of the Silver Crane"

Summer film festival “Nights of Silver Crane”

Lithuanian film academy (LiKA) is an independent institution which was formed when generalizing the results of Lithuanian film and television film awards “Silver Crane”. The goal of the academy – to enshrine Lithuanian film culture not only by familiarizing with a course of historical Lithuanian film message but also by trying to maintain and create Lithuanian film heritage for future generations by appreciating and honouring authors of Lithuanian film and television films in Lithuania with a national film and television film award “Silver Crane”.     

The academy initiates annual national film and television film awards “Silver Crane” and starting from 2010 organizes and performs summer film festival “Nights of Silver Crane”.

In 2011 as well LiKA had arranged summer film festival “Nights of Silver Crane” which continues a mission of Lithuanian film and television film awards “Silver Crane” – to promote showing films of modern film makers and to provide an opportunity for the viewer to familiarize with films of various genre aimed at a wide audience of viewers of various social experience and age not only in cinema halls in cities but in small towns as well.  

During the festival organizers intend showing two-three Lithuanian films which were nominated for the “Silver Crane” in present year and one film created by film makers from the foreign countries. There is our aim is to expand the audience of viewers and to advocate not only the spread of Lithuanian film but also cinematography of European and other countries in Lithuania as well as to initiate the spread of works of film professionals from different foreign countries. In 2011 LiKA had paid a particular attention to Scandinavian film. There are usually chosen 2-3 films for the distribution for non-commercial purposes which would broaden the views of a Lithuanian viewer and satisfy the taste of a choosy film lover.

The events are taking place under the open sky, thus, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for the viewer. Before the event and during breaks the viewers treat themselves to tea and other treats. The programme includes a direct communication between the viewer and film persons: actors, directors, producers and other creators. The event lasts for 2.5-3 hours.

In 2010 and 2011 the festival visited over 30 Lithuanian cities and small towns. Film-related events in provinces are particularly rare, thus, they were extraordinary town festivals and attracted 1,000 viewers on an average. LiKA organized during summers’ months film festival in order to revive the spread of Lithuanian film in the country and to familiarize the viewer not only with the films of “Silver Crane” winners but also with their makers: actors, directors, cameramen and producers. Popular actors travelled across Lithuania together with the festival: Ramūnas Rudokas, Rimantas Bagdzevičius, Eglė Driukaitė, Tomas Kliukas, Kęstutis Jakštas, Andrius Bialobžeskis, Ferdinandas Jakšys, Algirdas Gradauskas, Lina Budzeikaitė, Aušra Štukytė, Ineta Stasiulytė and others. Directors Julija ir Rimantas Gruodžiai, Marat Sargsyan, Jūratė Samulionytė, Audrius Mickevičius and others communicated and shared their experience with viewers. Aleksandras Makejevas, an author and a performer of songs, gladdened the viewers with live music during the festival including the brand new hymn for this festival. “Nights of Silver Crane” made it very clear that film is very necessary and desired in Lithuanian provinces. More than 50 thousand viewers across Lithuania watched a Lithuanian film during the whole festival in summers of 2010-2011. The festival received the greatest attention in Mažeikiai town – more than 3,500 citizens participated in our event in 2010.  

Information is disseminated with the help of information publications and websites. “15 min” magazine is a media sponsor of the event, provides information advertising across Lithuania. The experience of the last years has showed that the majority of the audience is attracted with the help of regional press and posters distributed by the organizers that are delivered to the place of the event for 5-7 days before the beginning of the event usually are distributed not only in the place of the event but also in surrounding settlements. There were distributed app. 1,500 information posters each year, which present a programme of the event and list films that are planned to be watched, across Lithuania. Publication was prepared for publishing with the help of which we try to familiarize the viewer of Lithuanian film with authors, actors and other creators of films created this year. A circulation of the publication was 20 thousand copies. The publication was distributed in the places of the event.      

We want to pay your attention to the fact that the festival “Nights of Silver Crane” is a unique possibility to directly contact with Lithuanian citizens. When presenting films, representatives could have a possibility to introduce not only a particular film but also relationships of the countries, to present facts and opportunities of cultural, educational and other cooperation and to communicate with heads of various levels, cultural figures and ordinary citizens of the country, may (and must) participate in the festival.