About us


Created in 2010, at the initiative of seven outstanding Lithuanian filmmakers and activists, the Lithuanian Film Academy (LiKA) is made up of professionals of the film industry and personalities who have come together to remind us how important is to preserve the heritage of Lithuanian films for future generations, and draw the public’s attention to these professionals whose passion and meticulous skills combine to make cinema so special.

It is to serve this aim that each year they reward the artists, technicians and films which seem to them the most outstanding, by awarding a trophy called the Sidabrinė gervė / (eng. Silver Crane) – a personalized reproduction of the statuette specially created for the purpose by the sculptor Audrius Liaudanskas when the Awards were founded).

Sidabrinė gervė are awarded once a year, traditionally in May, following voting by members of the LiKA on films released between April 1st of the previous year and April 1st of the current year, as well as and on artists and technicians who worked on those films.

On or more special Award of honor Auksinė gervė / Golden Crane can also be awarded each year to the filmmakers or artists for contribution to Lithuanian cinematography.


The Lithuanian Film Academy (LiKA) is the institution that is dedicated to films and those who make them and that organizes this third route to recognition in Lithuania and worldwide.

Who are its members, what is its role, its governance, and what are its resources?

The members of the Academy

They are professionals of the film industry (actors, directors, writers, technicians, producers, distributors and exporters, cinema managers, technical industries, casting directors, press attachés), plus a eight members of honor that includes personalities whose activity supports the influence of the cinema in Lithuania.

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Full membership

Winners of awards Sidabrinė gervė of each year may become the Full Members of the Academy simply by submitting a filled in declaration of membership to the Council. The Full Members have a right to vote in the Assembly and for the Winners of Sidabrinė gervė annually.

To become a member of LiKA a written application in compliance with the stipulations of the LiKA Statute and Regulations shall be filled up.

Honorary membership

Winners of Awards Auksinė gervė of each year may become the Honorary Members of LiKA simply by submitting a filled in declaration of membership to the Council.

To belong to LiKA as Honorary Member, one must be proposed and accepted by LiKA Council.

On November 30th 2014, LiKA had 88 members.

The status of member of LiKA can only be lost for one of the following reasons: by resignation or for conviction for piracy.

LikA’s role

LiKA’s activity is divided into sectors: Sidabrinė gervė Regulations, the listing of professionals, voting, the Ceremony, and film dispersion events.

 Drafting and updating of Sidabrinė gervė Regulations

It is the document which defines LiKA’s working rules (member admissions, eligibility criteria of applicator for Awards, number of trophies offered, voting procedure, etc.). It is updated each year by the Council and approved by Assembly.

Listing of professionals and films of the year eligible for Sidabrinė gervė

Over 1000 persons and more than 250 eligible films are catalogued in concordance with information available and after cross-checking with production companies.

The voting process

The voting process is comprised of the following steps:

-          The Selection and Assessment Committee is assigned by LiKA’s Council and works on the first round. Committee selects and assesses applied for Awards nominations films.  

-          The list of selected films are divided into particular number of nominations, approved by Council and offered to LiKA members for the second round of the voting.

-          LiKA’s administration is responsible for the secured development of the online voting system and its database for the first and second rounds, handling of voting procedures, setting up vote count and publication of results with supervision by lowers, organizing a press conference to announce nominations.

Organizing the Awards Ceremony with LRT (national TV channel)

LiKA is responsible for inviting and welcoming local and foreign guests and for the Ceremony, welcoming and handling the media, publishing the outlets, the provision of sealed envelopes containing the names of the winners, the staging, while LRT is responsible for recording and free-to-air live television broadcasting of the Ceremony.

LiKA’s governance

Assembly of full members is the main governing body of the organization. Assembly is electing 9 members to Council whose are responsible for the strategic and financial development of LiKA.

LiKA administration

The members of the Council appoint the Managing Director, who is responsible of the daily run of the office and accountable for Council and Assembly.

Council is in charge of LiKA’s permanent structure and the marketing rights of the Ceremony, , whose administrators are the Office members, the Chairman of LiKA.

The Office of LiKA is currently composed of the following people:

Managing Director: Mrs. Lina Buzelytė

Accountant: Mrs. Dalia Povidė

The Academy’s resources  

LiKA does not receive any public subsidy for administration of the organization.

Its resources might come from membership fees, sale of audiovisual broadcast rights of the Ceremonies, contributions in cash or in kind from official and technical partners, and sale of advertising space in the LiKA’s publications.